walking and talking and eating in Minneapolis

Walking and talking and eating in Minneapolis

I’m still in Minneapolis, where it seems like all I’ve done for the past three days is walk, talk and eat. It’s been a great trip, but it wears you down.

I heard Minneapolis doesn’t have a lot of great food, and that may be true, but you wouldn’t know it from the places we’ve eaten. Sunday night, it was cheeseburgers and great stouts at The Red Cow. Monday, it was Little Szechuan, where we had beef and chicken and dumplings that were amazing (the Lucky Buddha beer, not so much). Today, for lunch, we had Chicago style pizza at Davanni’s pizza parlor in the Uptown section of Minneapolis. For dinner, we were in the warehouse district, where we met a group of guys at a place called 112 Eatery that served an eclectic menu (I had spinach and ricotta involtini).

Not too shabby.

In the midst of all this eating, there’s been a lot of talking. Traveling with my buddy Mike means eating and walking and talking, and it’s been great chewing on good food and a wide-ranging list of topics that I won’t go into here. It’s good to have a friend with whom you can be with at close range over the course of a few days and not want to strangle them by the time you fly home. That’s my relationship with my friend Mike.

Whether we’re in New York, Minneapolis or just back home in a favorite restaurant, the sharing of food and words is always a treat that I look forward to. I’d go into greater detail on this, but it’s time to get up and get ready to meet a couple of guys at a nearby gastro pub.