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Today, for the first time this Spring, I saw clumps of daffodils as I drove home through Anchorage. With a week left in February, they’re a bit early, but who cares? The sight of these harbingers of warmer weather to come make me very happy.

Years ago, as part of Mayor Jerry Abramson’s Operation Brightside, thousands of daffodils were planted along the grassy easements of the interstates leading into downtown, and in the next few weeks, I’ll be reminded of this when I’m on my way to work and see blankets of yellow that will bud, bloom and expire just before Easter.

The older I get, the more I understand why old people go to godawfully hot places like Florida and Arizona, and while I’m not yet ready to totally abandon Louisville in the winter, the idea is germinating in my mind, like one of those daffodil bulbs, waiting for the right conditions to send it popping out of the cold soil, looking for warmth and light.

Until then, I’ll content myself with discovering more clues, scattered along the roads and trails, foretelling of warmer days to come.