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A good day for Sojourn

Tonight at church, we had a member meeting where we talked about the many things that have been going on in and around the church over the past months.

It was our first member meeting in the new building, and it was cool to know that this was our space. And it made me proud to see how well everything is being cared for. From the stately new sign out on Rudy Lane to the mulch around the edges of the sanctuary to the new paint and tiles inside the building and along the hallways, it reminded me of when Angell and I went from being renters to being homeowners. You relate to your living space differently when you own it and are paying the mortgage.

Kevin and Jeremy caught us up on some administrative stuff having to do with amendments to the governing structure of the church. Sojourn has four campuses, and in the past, it was governed centrally from the midtown campus, with J-Town, East and New Albany serving as outposts, like forts out on the frontier.

With the changes, Sojourn is now 4 interdependent churches that are governed locally, but overseen by a leadership council.

Also, in the past, Sojourn’s offices were all located at Midtown. This included the campus pastors, which always struck me as weird. Now, the campus pastors (actually, the term campus no longer exists) have their offices at their local churches, which seems to me a good thing. Being IN the neighborhood where they work helps them be more in tune with the neighborhood and what’s going on around there.

We welcomed around 70 new members and said goodbye to a few, who are moving to new states and new jobs.

What made me most proud was to see my friend Mike Cosper introduce his new project – The Harbor Institute for Faith and Culture.

Harbor, as we call it, is a new media platform that produces resources for Christians trying to make sense of what it means to live out their faith in a post-Christian society.

What that means is this:

In decades past, it seemed (at least on the surface) that much of mainstream America’s values and Christian values were one and the same. This notion is very much up for debate, but in the sense of a somewhat puritanical moral code we can make the argument that this was sometimes at least the case.

Fast forward to today, when Christian values are more and more coming to rest at the fringes of what is considered normal and acceptable behavior and thought in today’s culture. Harbor exists to help Christians navigate this ever-shifting landscape.

I’m excited for Mike and proud of this move to fill a very necessary void in media for Christians. I’m also excited to be working with Mike and a few others to help support this vision. In the coming months, look for the launch of a blog, a podcast and, later in the year, the first of some live events.

After the meeting, Angell and I strolled through a courtyard and thought ahead to a day in the not-too-distant future when our daughters might one day marry in this sanctuary and run the gauntlet of rice-throwing well-wishers to a waiting limo. It was sweet to think about, and good to know we all have a church home.

There’s a lot of good stuff going on at Sojourn, and it’s a great time to be a member. I look forward to seeing what’s in store in the year’s ahead.

A new home

Last Sunday, January 31, marked Sojourn East’s first Sunday in our new, permanent home.

For years, we’ve met in an old Catholic parish just a 7 minute walk from my house, and though I’ll miss the convenience, it’s great to finally have a place to call home.

Equipped with my iPhone, I captured a few moments of our first service at the former Calvin Presbyterian Church on Rudy Lane. Forgive the quality….