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Down and Nerdy episode 31: One Small Step for Mad Men

The Down and Nerdy crew took their summer hiatus early so they could be fresh and ready for the big Mad Men finale, which they dissect for your listening pleasure.  Also, the gang notes the passing of an era – Saturday morning cartoons on network television, Kevin gushes over Elon Musk and SpaceX’s manned space missions, and we all share our favorite binge-watching experiences.

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Mad Men

Down and Nerdy: A Very Special Episode Episode

On this week’s Down and Nerdy, Rachel gives us her disappointed take on the finale of How I Met Your Mother.  James, who’d never seen an episode, until the finale, goes all contrarian on her.

We also get into the idea of “very special episodes” on TV, and share our favorites:

Finally, Rachel, Kevin & Scott get into Wes Anderson’s  The Grand Budapest Hotel, and by “get into” I mean we fawned all over it.