Happy Birthday Avery!

Happy Birthday Avery!

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Children are a heritage from the Lord,

Offspring a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

Today is January 5, which means that it’s my youngest daughter Avery’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Avery!Twelve years ago, Avery came into our lives not in the middle of the night; not after many long hours of labor; her delivery was about as convenient as one could hope for, which is in keeping with her sweet and accommodating sprit.

They say that first-borns are uptight rule followers because their parents were extra cautious the first time around, reading every book and following every bit of handed down wisdom, no matter how absurd. Middle kids are said to be high maintenance and attention seeking because of their caught-in-the-middle status. Last-born kids are often independent and inventive and tough because their parents are overwhelmed and beat down, and they are often short-changed on one-on-one attention and spend more time alone than their older siblings, whom they must learn to navigate and negotiate.

I don’t know if any of that last paragraph is absolutely true, but it sometimes feels like it around our house, which is to say that I often feel guilty about not having enough time for my kids – especially Avery.

Happy Birthday Avery!At twelve yeas old, knowing that your father is writing words about you and posting them on the Internet is cringe-inducing, so I’ll keep it short and sweet and simply say that I love this kid to death. She is sweet and kind and sensitive. She has a great sense of humor topped off with great timing. She keeps us all laughing, and always has.

One of my great joys has been to share her field hockey experiences with her. I love everything about being involved with this aspect of her life, and unlike her social life, where she’s very typically 12, she is happy to let me be as involved as I want. It’s our thing, and I look forward to every practice. Every game.

I have no idea what the future holds for any of us, but I trust God and try to do my best to live in the moment and enjoy watching Avery turn from a little girl into a young lady. I’m so proud.

My children are indeed a reward from God, and I’m so grateful to him for them. And today, I’m extra grateful for our little Avery.