Hadley's home!

Hadley’s home!

I was all set to write about Bridge of Spies tonight, but I got a great surprise instead. A few hours ago, I got a call from Hadley, asking if she could come home for the night. She missed us, and wanted to hang out with the family.

I hung up the phone, texted Angell to hurry and get home from work, then jumped in the shower. Before long, we were on the road and on our way to see our baby.

Your relationship to your kids is always evolving, and in Hadley’s case, with her coming up on her twentieth birthday, she’s less a child and more a great friend. It’s hard not having her here at the house with us all the time, so when the opportunity for an impromptu visit presents itself, I’m going to jump all over it.

So, now we’re all here together, all five of us. Angell is making biscuits and sausage and French toast for us. Comfort food. And after that, we’re going to watch Tomorrowland, a movie that we missed during its short run.

I’ll write about Bridge of Spies some other time. Tonight, I’m hanging with the family. I couldn’t be happier.