Down and Nerdy: The 2048 Edition

Down and Nerdy: the 2048 Edition

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2048Last week, I received an email from James Bickers that included a link to a game called 2048.  He told me to start playing and be prepared to defend my high-score when we taped this week’s episode of Down and Nerdy.  I marked the message as unread and went about my business.

Later, after lunch, I went back to the message and clicked the link, which was akin to opening Pandora’s Box.  2048 is like highly concentrated crack cocaine in its addictiveness, and once I began playing I didn’t stop until I realized I was late picking my kids up from school.

The game, actually a clone of a similar game called Threes, is at the center of our fun and games this week.  It might help your listening experience if you play 2048 for 8 or 10 hours before listening to the podcast.  Don’t worry.  The time will fly by in a snap.

In addition to 2048, we covered a broad spectrum of obsessions that included Mark Zuckerberg and his just announced Facebook Connectivity Lab, harkening back to the 50’s, when we thought science would cure all our problems.  I’ve included Facebook’s recruitment video, which is probably more PR/propaganda than help wanted ad, but who cares?  I’m sold.

We also bounced around TV recommendations that included:

Finally, we got into Wattpad, a storytelling app that exemplifies the way the internet is democratizing creativity by eliminating gatekeepers and creating a direct conduit from the artist to the masses.  Anybody can post a story, leaving it to users to choose whether or not to read.

Wattpad boasts 20 million readers and 2 million authors posting 100,000 pieces daily.  This means a lot of sifting for users, but if you believe, as I do, that the cream rises to the top, then sites like this are a good thing.

If you have any recommendations for off-the-beaten path TV shows, movies or books, drop me a line in the comments section below.  I’d love to hear from you.