Robin Williams

Down and Nerdy episode 38: Oh captain, my captain

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I haven’t posted the episodes for a few weeks. Life has had me running around like the proverbial chicken with its head lopped off.

Robin WilliamsThis week was a bad one. We lost one of the Great Ones, Robin Williams. As James says in the podcast, not everyone loved everything he did, but everyone has a Robin Williams experience: a movie, Mork & Mindy, stand-up special, or an appearance that is pivotal in his or her life. We talk about our touchstone moments with Robin Williams as we lament the passing of this sweet and gentle man.

We also managed to get into other things as well:

In Louisville, a high-schooler’s prank sent the city into a state of hysteria this week, in anticipation of what was called the Louisville Purge. The hoax was inspired by the premise of the movie The Purge, where on day each year, for twelve hours, all crime is legal.  

Down and Nerdy episode 38: Oh captain, my captainThe high-schooler took the movie poster, edited in the name of Louisville and the date 8/15/14 and chose the period from 8:00 pm to 6:30 am for the carnage to take place. This meme quickly took hold and metasticized when the local news media, nothing more than gossip and fear mongers, whipped their viewers into a frenzy of panic.

Of course, nothing happened. Well, almost nothing. What did happen was a lot of people who would have normally been out enjoying a Friday night stayed home, hurting local businesses that depend on the weekend business.

Guardians of the Galaxy recently opened, and James and Rachel and Kevin discussed the movie while I took a short nap. Evidently, it’s real good. It has a talking raccoon and tree, and the hero is Andy from Parks and Recreaction.


Down and Nerdy episode 38: Oh captain, my captainI finally got around to seeing Her, Spike Jonze’s wonderful movie about what it costs to have a truly open and healthy relationship. The movie is a treasure trove of delights, from the cinematography to the acting by Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson to the themes and ideas the movie so delicately advances.

I won’t spoil it here (though we do in the podcast), but Her is as hopeful and true about the human condition as any movie I’ve seen in a while. Check it out.

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