Christmas in Mt. Washington

Christmas means many things to my family – so many things that it’s easy to get distracted from the reason for the season, as the saying goes.

One of the things Christmas means to my bunch is family. We all love the parade of parties and get-togethers that mark the Christmas season, their order coming and going with the precision of the cycles of the moon.

On Christmas morning, we open gifts at home. Every-other-year, in keeping with my brother-in-law’s family rhythms, we get to celebrate Christmas at my parents’ home with my sister and her family. In the off years, we get together either the weekend before or after Christmas.

Christmas with my parents means eating and eating and eating and playing some cards…and then more eating. At some point, we take a break to open gifts before returning to the table for more food and cards. To mix things up, we’ll sometimes work in a board game. But there’s always the eating.

We had a great time getting together with Mom and Dad and Grandma and my sister and brother-in-law and my niece and nephew. And the food.

I finally got around to sorting through the photos and video and made a little movie out of them.