A busy weekend

This weekend has been a weird one of casting off the holidays and setting the stage for getting back to normal.

For starters, our oldest daughter, Hadley, went back to college on Saturday. It was a bittersweet moment, seeing her go. She caught a ride back to school with a friend, so we didn’t have to drive the hour-or-so to get her there, which saved us money but deprived us of time spent hanging out and talking

I’m so proud of Hadley and how well she’s doing in school. Over the break she hustled some work and earned more money than we could have expected.

The older she gets, the more we love hanging out with her and spending time being with her. Such a great kid. I can’t wait to introduce her to backpacking in the spring.

Next, we took down all the Christmas decorations, the tree, the outdoor lights and anything else having to do with Christmas. That’s always the true watershed that separates the old year from the new. Now, in my mind, it’s truly 2016.

Oh, and it’s freezing-ass cold, too. We got our first measurable snow of the year, an inch or two that was nice for today, but will get old really fast.

With all that activity, along with the celebration of birthdays and the surprise visits by dear friends, it was hard to find time to make things this weekend. When I did get time the think creatively, I spent it focused on the blog and getting the short stories page formatted and looking half-way decent.

For now, I’m happy with it, though it underscores the limitations of the twenty fourteen theme that I’m using. But that’s okay. This blog isn’t about being precious, but about being functional and utilitarian, and I think I’ve figured out how to make it work for the stories.

I’ve posted a second story, He was so beautiful and young. I wrote it for a short-story competition that it didn’t win. I can’t say too much about it without giving away a kind of gimmick, so I’ll just say that it’s inspired by true events. I hope you enjoy it.

All this looking at old stories has me thinking that I need to get busy on a new one. We’ll see what happens….